You know the times when you need to send the perfect message to someone? Like a text to your crush or an email to your professor? Well it kind of feels like that right now, except that I am trying to introduce myself to whoever is reading this. It seems to not be working. Hey thats what you get for being socially awkward I guess? Even on the internet. But I will try my best.

I am twenty years old and currently study finance and economics at university. Let’s just say puppies, Youtube and television are what keeps me sane these eight months of the year. Oh you can’t possibly forget the tons of coffee to keep up with those late nights. The pressure and stress get to you and so you need a way to deal with it. Being real here. Dating apps, that I kind of regretted. Thats a long story on its own.

I love discussing what goes on in the episodes. Unfortunately, I have no one to talk to about it. And the struggle becomes real when something major is going on and you just want to talk but can’t. This is why I want to have a blog. But lets be real, its going to end up as a failed project. It has happened once, well many times and it will happen again. There is nothing wrong with trying. Right?

Now Distinct is what I use to talk about what’s going on in tv shows. Its not a recap, but more of a discussion. If you want to hear about my personal life, I have blog which I talk about whats going on there which you can check out here.

< PS. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so if you don’t agree with mine, don’t hate me for it >

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• The Bold Type • S01E03 • The Woman Behind The Clothes • Freeform • 2017-07-18 •

“Kat finds herself the victim of internet trolling when she stands up for gender inequality. Sutton thinks she may have found her dream job but worries she doesn’t have what it takes to make it work. And Jane pursues a story about a congresswoman but tries to find a different angle to make her voice heard.”

Sometimes people judge us on what they think they know about us, not realizing that they never took the time to get to know who we are. Thing is, who do we blame when they are wrong? Us or them?


I get why the congress woman’s press secretary judged Jane. I think its not really what she said that was the problem, but the way she said it. Not trying to be offensive here, but Jane looked a  bit slutty in that tight dress with thigh boots. In the crowd of reporters, Jane stood out among everyone. If she knew she would have ended up in that situation, its not like she would have dressed that way. She dressed for a date, not an interview. Even though her choice of outfit was picked by Sutton because her mind told her it was a ‘sex date’. So you can’t really blame the press secretary fully for what happened.


Although her original idea for a piece did not go as planned, she did something different. I guess that is one of the things about writing (not that I would know anything about that really), you don’t really  know where you are going to end up. I don’t believe for one second that she will be known only as a sex writer or a fashion writer.


Ryan is one of the sweetest individuals that I have seen on television, both in his appearance and his attitude. Jane should not have judged that little snippet of writing she caught on his laptop and should have given him a chance to explain or read what he had written already. If you think about it, his titles are somewhat deceiving, and when you compare the title to the actual article, its purpose is to catch the eye of readers. Jane thinks she knows him, when really she does not. He’s not only a sex writer, you have to keep that in mind. He is more than that. And I think that she is just jumping to conclusions too fast.


I love the two of them together. They are my OTP. If you’ve read Ryan’s article or piece of the article, you would realize that what he wrote about women faking orgasms was in response to what Jane wrote about not having an orgasm before. He himself admitted that he enjoyed what Jane wrote, so I know that he wasn’t making fun of her. And it goes back to what I said about his attitude just now.


I don’t think that Jane should be embarrassed about posting the article because she’s not the only one in that situation. Look at me for example, mind you I’m only 20.


Words are just words. One a screen, on a page. Whatever platform. Whatever those words say, it makes a difference in your life. Goods words make you feel happy and bad words hurt. This is why we need to be careful what we say to individuals. We should not have the intent to hurt people. And when those words are on a screen and when we do not know who is writing/saying it, it makes the entire situation worse.

The things that were said and done to Kat were wrong. They shouldn’t have leaked her address, neither should the topless photo been out there. The threats to rape her. All that was wrong. And I felt really bad for Kat in the scene where the photo popped up before the meeting with the board members.

At the same time, she should not have engaged with those idiots online because that only made the entire situation worse. She should have just ignored her phone, left it alone. I have to admit that I enjoyed the video she made with the VR company’s head and other individuals who were being trolled online, as a response.


Sutton must really care about her breadsticks. When Richard brought her the breadsticks, her face lit up like a child. That was the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Trust.


Sutton deserves to go after the job in the fashion department, because that is what she is passionate about. Its going to be competitive, which is why I really hope that Lauren has her back and gives her a good recommendation. She has done so much for Lauren, basically become an asset to her, so I think Lauren owes her for that.

I believe that Sutton has the potential to make it in fashion. She was able to do her job as Lauren’s assistant, as well as help Oliver when he needed someone. Plus she has a great sense of style so you can’t really go wrong from there, can you?


Jacqueline is one of those bosses that I believe if not every, but the majority of women need at least once in their working life. Its not only because she is a  female boss, which is less popular in the corporate world, or any job for that matter. She is the type of woman who you can look up too because she has good advice. When Kat was dealing with the trolling, first of all she knew something was wrong and she gave advice as to the best course of action. And not only does she act as a role model to women, but she’s able to make light of certain situations. She’s not afraid to say what she has to say. She encouraged Jane to write about the sex date if it went bad. Like, which other boss would encourage you to do that?

< PS. I could be wrong. So let me know what you think >

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• Free Rein • S01E03 • Spying on Pin • Netflix • 2017-06-23 •

“To investigate her suspicions, Zoe defies her mom and sneaks off to the stables, where she has her first riding lesson and catches Pin red-handed.”

If I were to describe this episode in four words it would be: definition of teenage drama. Like legit. It was good none the less.

Once again, questions were not answered. Things are happening and as a viewer I don’t have an explanation of why it has happened.

The only thing they answered was E. E is Elliot who is Mia’s dad. Thats the only new thing that I learnt. There seems to be something going on between the two of them, Maggie and Elliot. Only time will tell. Rosie being out of the loop, and worried for her parents, sees a text that Elliot sends to her mom and then deletes it. I don’t really agree with what she did, but at the same time I can’t really complain. Can I? Then again that didn’t really work since Elliot ended calling her mother and asking her to spend some time with him. Rosie being Rosie and curious, thinks that the two of them would have been at the stable, but come to find out that they were not there.

If you are wondering how Rosie found that E stands for Elliot, it’s because she asked Ben, who is Becky’s brother, to spy on her mom to find out what she was saying on the phone. In return,she would help their pony earn some money for pony camp. Hey you have to admit that the horse looked beautiful in its braids. Round of applause to Rosie.

Rosie is not a bad person. I mean she’s still your typical LA girl, who cares about looks and fashion, but she knows that something is going on with her parents. Just not what. And most importantly she’s a good little sister. The whole beauty guru thing, thats debatable. But she is willing to cover for her sister, even though she does not really know what Zoe’s plans are. Being real here.

Zoe’s mom does not want her riding the horses. I don’t even understand why, if she’s friends with Elliot. But she never said that she couldn’t go the stables. I mean even Grandpa said so when Zoe was trying to sneak out of the house. But then she still ended up riding the horses while spying on Pin. At first she was terrified, but then got accustomed to it. Even Marcus was amazed, while Mia was a bit jealous. And lets just talk about how she was able to calm Raven after they took Pin away. Like you go girl. I would be terrified in that situation. A horse coming at you with all that energy and anger. Yeah no way.

The last episode ended with her finding the sedatives in Pin’s hoodie. This episode she tells Becky and they hatch this plan to catch Pin in the process. It worked, but I don’t think that it fully did. Yes they set up the camera, but then Pin realized that. After she was caught, which she had to lie her way out of,  Zoe caught Pin breaking in to the medicine cabinet. But I feel like there is more to the story. Pin did not try to defend himself. He was just way too calm. Too me, it was just sketchy. So I don’t think that Pin is the horse thief. Lets just add to that, Mia’s horse got stolen later that night. Like come on. Something is going on that we are not realizing.

< PS. I could be wrong. So let me know what you think >

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• Free Rein • S01E02 • Close Up • Netflix • 2017-06-23 •

“When Mia insists on mounting Raven for a photo shoot, Zoe must calm the wild horse so he can be saddled. Rosie snoops in her mom’s childhood diary.”

You know how in some tv shows, loose ends from previous episodes gets resolved in the next one. Yeah. It was’t like that. Instead, there were more loose ends created.

Remember when I mentioned that the narration by Zoe in the previous episode annoyed me, well turns out I may have judged too fast. This episode, yeah there was some narration by the main character, but it was only at the beginning and at the ending of the episode. So that was a plus.

I don’t want to judge Pin. I think that he is just misunderstood. A dark broody guy on the outside. But like everyone else, the cliché right? He has this secret we are trying to find out. Like, why does he have the horse sedative in his hoodie? Obviously, there is more to what we know so far. But it kind of makes you wonder. I don’t want to automatically assume that he is the horse thief, because that would just be an easy guess. He must have had it for a reason. Maybe that was what he had in the bag when Zoe caught him in the bushes when she was going home.

At the same time, we must remember to not judge a book by its cover. Yeah Pin is dark, moody and broody. But at the same time, I think he’s just misunderstood. He seems to be a really sweet guy. He cares about Raven, and maybe he cares about Zoe too. I mean why else would you give the girl your hoodie. I don’t know. He seems to be the type of person who knows how to work hard, and is often not given the chance. I just don’t think he is the bad guy.

Zoe really cares about Raven. You can see that. And Raven feels the same way about her. She is the bravest person to go in front of a horse that is acting up and be able to calm it. Now that is what I call brave. And you can see she’s starting to like horses. The girl is even dreaming about them. What do you expect?

I don’t understand why Maggie does not want Zoe to ride the horses. Something must be going on. From the moment Maggie came back home, she has been acting strange. Like whats so wrong with allowing your daughter to ride the horse. Isn’t that better than being inside the house all day. Plus the girl has already made some friends, which is way faster than I ever have. Also whats up with the unknown call that she had to take away from Rosie? And who is E? Rosie is Rosie, so I get her curiosity. Hey I wanna know to too. Who the heck is E? They must have really had some thing going on.  I just don’t know how I feel about Rosie reading her moms diary. I know that I wouldn’t want someone reading mine, because who knows what is in there. Actually I do know. I just feel that it is lack of privacy. Then again those diaries might be years old, so maybe Maggie wouldn’t care.

Lets just discuss the girls at the stable. Mia is a bitch. Putting it out there. She is jealous of Zoe for no reason, well because Raven likes Zoe. She is also subtly threatening Sam. Okay I get that your dad pays a lot of money to board your horses at the stable, but that doesn’t make it ok for you to act this way just to be on the cover of a magazine. The horse equivalent of Vogue they claim. There is a good chance the Mia doesn’t even make it, because the photographer was more impresses by the way the Zoe handled the situation with Raven. Also Mia had no reason to be mean to Susie just for wearing the same colour of nail polish as her. Like come on. Really. It’s just nail polish.

And then there’s Becky. She is so cute and clumsy. It’s so adorable. Who knows maybe she is right about the horse thieves. We will find out in future episodes. She also has a crush on Marcus. I don’t really see it. But hey the girl has a map, so you have to take what you get. Right?

< PS. I could be wrong. So let me know what you think >

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• The Bold Type • S01E02 • Oh Hell No • Freeform • 2017-07-11 •

Kat finds herself questioning her identity as she continues to spend time with Adena. Jane is horrified when she is tasked with writing Scarlet’s sex column especially when her story turns intensely personal. And Sutton is given an opportunity to advance at Scarlet, but questions if its what she really wants to be doing with her life.

I am starting to believe that this show is becoming one of my favourites. Its so so good. I’m starting to fall in love guys

 “There is nothing I find sexier than a woman who speaks her mind”- Ryan

Goodbye Eric. Hellooooo Ryan. The moment that guy stepped into the picture my eyes were all on him. Being real here. Obviously we should expect something to happen with him and Jane, because the sexual tension between the two of them is really there. If she doesn’t not want to go for him, I wouldn’t mind. I understand that Jane had her reservations about the guy and obviously judged him before anything else. And its says something when the guy, which happens to be hot at the same time, happens to be at the same places that you are, at the time that you are there.

Was actually surprised that Jane went up to him and kissed him at the gala. But hey, it got the job done and she was able to submit a good article. Would it be a bad thing if I want to read it. Please let there be a version that we can read as well.

“Knowing that I am not the only one, its comforting. Its amazing that women are owning their sexualities in a way they have been able to before. But for someone like me it is a lot of pressure for me to live up too” – Jane

I’m not exactly sure how old Jane is. But I don’t think that there was anything wrong with her not having an orgasm yet and not being interested in porn. Yeah her friends are adventurous, but you know what, everyone is different and they are allowed to be that way. I am most impressed when she published the article with her name in it. Maybe it had something to do the kiss. We will never know. Or maybe just not yet. You do have to admit the elevator scene was funny though.

“A problem with my vagina” – Jane

I think I am starting to like Sutton. I am beginning to be able to relate to her a bit more after this episode. You have to admit that sex in the glass apartment was hot. For some reason, I have this obsession with glass buildings. Really attracted to them. Do not ask me why.

I think after the last episode with Sutton saying she wants more from Richard, dynamics have shifted between them. Yes its still a secret, but at the same time I don’t feel like she is some piece of eye candy. Thats she’s worth a lot more. If Lauren knew that the two of them already knew each other in a lot more personal, intimate way, I don’t think she would have asked Rickard to give Sutton the informational interview. And even though Sutton did not want to go through with it, I think that it made Richard appreciate her more. The girl has a degree from UPenn in Business and Economics, and did an internship in finance, she’s intelligent. And she got that Advertising promotion all on her own. She did not need a man by her side to get it. Do I agree with her turning it down? Yes and no. I understand that she wants to do something in fashion because thats what she likes. And if thats what you want to do, honey go for it 100%. But the logical part of me is thinking about the job security, the money. Hearing why she held the $100 note in her purse, it was interesting. We all think that we will fail one day in our endeavours. But I guess if we don’t push ourselves and put that fear out, then we won’t reach somewhere that we are proud to be.

 I don’t think that Kat’s intention to put Sutton down. But then she knows that Advertising would not be where one of her best friends wants to be. There is a reason why these girls are best friends. They know each other more than anyone or anything in the world. Kat is a real mvp, for her to remove the yoni from Jane’s vagina. Just stating the obvious. Thats how you know you have some real best friends.

“You touched me here too” – Adena

After meeting Adena, you can definitely see that Kat is confused. She wants to think that she is heterosexual because thats what she keeps on saying to her friends. But then there’s Adena, and the feelings in the here (pointing to the heart). Lets add to that she’s having sexual dreams. But then with what happened at the gala, Adena kissed another girl. Like whats going on. You’re not only messing with Kats feelings, but the people watching. I felt so bad for Kat because it sucked. I know how it feels to finally realize that you like someone but they don’t like you back. And to make it worse there is not anything that you can do. It truly sucks.

< PS. I could be wrong. So let me know what you think >

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• Free Rein • S01E01 • Raven • Netflix • 2017-06-23 •

“When her sister Rosie goes missing after arriving at their grandfather’s home, Zoe scours the area, meets some locals and has a scary encounter.”

I did not know what to expect going into this. Just thought that it was going to be one of those teen drama shows. Turns out I was completely wrong. Its seems to be more of a coming of age story, in a charming, funny way. Even if you are not a big fan of horses, I think you will enjoy it.

There are horses, which is a plus if you are an animal lover. Probably a little romance and drama, because you know it wouldn’t be teen show if it did not have any of that. There is family, friendship, romance, obviously horses and a little bit of mystery mixed in there as well.

Right now the only thing I do not really like was the main character’s narrative throughout the episode. I understand if the narrative was at the beginning and at the ending of the episode, but it was dab smack in the middle. All throughout the episode. I am not interested in always hearing her thoughts. The switching between reality and thought, it just got annoying really quick.

In this episode we meet Zoe, who is spending the summer at her mom’s childhood home in England. She’s from LA, but she’s not one of those typical LA girls, like her sister Rosie. She’s down to earth, open minded. I love her hair, its sooooo pretty. Because of the way she behaves, I sometimes forget that she’s only 15 years old. She just seems so mature for her age. Lets just add to the fact that she cares a lot about her sister. You can see that in how she acted throughout the episode. When parents separate, its hard on the children and she’s trying to protect her sister from what’s going on. Even though Rosie is 10, she’s smart enough to realize that something is going on when her father doesn’t come on vacation with the rest of the family.

I loved seeing Zoe with Raven. Maybe she does have some magical power, but lets be real here, she doesn’t. Its just easy to see that she connected with the horse easily. Its adorable, thats all there is to say about that. Its like she is a natural, especially seeing her jump over the fences. Are you sure this girl hasn’t had an equestrian lesson before, because if you ever put me in a situation like that, I would probably be like the grandfather, struggling to get over the fence.

I was really impressed with Zoe when she stood up to Mia and Susie when they were being mean to Becky and Jade. There should be no reason for someone to belittle others.

Remember I said that Zoe is not your typical LA girl. Well that cannot be said for her Rosie. She is the stereotypical LA girl that you would find. The girl is obsessed with her online presence. Her grandfather does not have wifi and she runs away, only to be found in the neighbours horse stall using their wifi. Yep. Making Zoe and her mom, Maggie going steer crazy, worried about her before she finds herself into trouble. The girl loves her fashion.

You would expect Zoe to be more interested in the cutesy guy Marcus, lets be real he’s cute. But I think there’s a better chance with Pin, the more mysterious guy, even though they didn’t hit it off when they first met. Isn’t it like that in every tv show. The love triangle, or the decision between the good guy and the bad guy. But I feel like its the bad guy who is actually good. I don’t know. I just feel like he is a bit misunderstood. Yeah their first meeting did not go good. I mean catching him coming out of the bushes on the way home, like ugh. It makes you think. Right? I just feel like there is this mysterious air around him that I can’t really figure out.

And lets take it a step further. Whats the big deal with his dad Ted and Maggie (Zoe’s mom). Like whats going on. A relationship ended badly? Someone can’t just hate someone that they knew. There needs to be a reason for that.

This is the mysterious part of it. Who the eff is taking the photos of Zoe and Raven and why do they need it. I mean even the Raven sensed that something was wrong. Like why?

<PS. I could be wrong. So let me know what you think>

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• The Bold Type • S01E01 • Pilot • Freeform • 2017-07-11 •

” Newly promoted writer Jane is unsettled when Jacqueline assigns her a big story — writing about why her ex broke up with her. Kat chases a story about outspoken photographer Adena, but is confused by her strong connection to the woman. Meanwhile, Sutton tries not to feel left behind by her best friends as she still toils in the assistant ranks. But she shocks them when they uncover a major secret Sutton has been keeping — her scandalous affair with lusted-after Scarlet magazine lawyer Richard.”

I recently finished watching this episode. I am in love with this tv show already even though I have only watched this one episode. It captivated my attention the moment it started. Its so good. I understand that it paints an unrealistic picture of what it is like working for a magazine, but honestly I don’t care. Its entertaining, and thats all that matters to me. I do not feel like I am forcing myself to watch it because of a hype that surrounds it.

The concept behind the tv show seems fresh. I feel like many tv shows repeat the same concept, just with their own twist, whether it be a medical, legal, supernatural. You get the point right? The Bold Type embraces the power of women. It shows how much women can accomplish if they put their mind to what they want to do.

“Theres a lot more to a woman than what you can see on the outside”- Adena

I loved seeing how these women were friends, and I hope that we learn a little more about each of them. We all start somewhere in this world, and for them they all started as interns at Scarlett. Now Kat is a social media coordinator and Jane is a writer, and hopefully Sutton will become more than someone’s assistant. I wish that one day at that age, I have friends like that. Those who will stand by you, through thick and thin.

Kat seems to be a really sweet person who cares about her job and getting a message out there, whatever that is. She stands up for what she believes in and does not allow people to put her down. I hated seeing her so vulnerable when Adena was detained and she could not do anything to help her. That sucked because you could see that she cared about what was happening.

Even though she may not have a top level position at the magazine, she is powerful. Lets face it. She is charismatic. And I love seeing that. Come on. She was the one who convinced Adena to allow Scarlett to publish the article. It wasn’t Jacqueline. Or Lauren. It was Kat who did it.

I agree with what Jacqueline said at the end. Obviously, it was hard for Kat to not say anything on social media about Adena when she had all the tools available to do so. But at the same time, in some situations you must use what is available to make a difference in the world.

Would it be a bad thing if I wanted to see more of Adena? I liked her character. And make it even better, add Kat to the picture. It is just that there is something about her character which drew me in. I can’t sit here and pretend like I know anything about Muslims because I don’t know. I am ignorant as fuck on that subject. So hearing Adena talk about why she chooses to wear a hijab, it was interesting. She chooses to wear the hijab for her own reasons.

“I choose to wear the hijab. It does not oppress me but liberates me from society’s expectations of what a woman should look like. People tend to get uncomfortable when they cannot put you in a box. I always liked to make people uncomfortable” – Adena

So seeing her without it, I wouldn’t think it was her. I had to re-watch that scene just to make sure I saw who got the topless snap. She’s beautiful without it, and just as beautiful wearing it.

Jane seems to be a really sweet individual.  I love the way she dresses. #fashiongoals What Jacqueline said at the party, it shows that Jane looks up to her as a role model. Jane deserved that promotion. She deserves to work there. Even Jacqueline sees the potential in her. I just think Jane has to believe in herself. She’s worked hard enough to reach where she is at already.

The drunk scene that was a bit funny. What would have happened if she drunk dialled Eric though. Hilarious or uncomfortable? The ending when she faced Eric, that was awkward, but I really hope that she got the answers she was looking for.

“He’s the first guy you said I love you too. It’s ok to not be fine” – Sutton

Jane’s hurt. Its obvious. Its not easy to get over someone you care about. Trust me. And its difficult to talk to people about it. Lets hope he at least has an answer. And a good one at that.

Maybe it has something to do with him not having social media, which I find hard to believe. Being real here. The majority of people have some form of social media, how in the world does he not have. And it doesn’t have to be an account on your name. I need answers.

For some reason, I couldn’t relate to Sutton. I liked her character. I just didn’t love it.  Hopefully the coming episodes can change my mind.

“I want to be the girl you can’t stop thinking about. I deserve to be that girl”  –  Sutton

She deserves more than what Richard gave her. Yes, she may act like she does not care about what was going on between the two of them when, lets face it she does. Lets hope that he cares for her the same way. I think her decision to end what was going on with Richard was for the best. Maybe he needs to realize what he was missing, how important she was to him. If you care about someone, they do not deserve to be your [dirty little] secret. They are worth more. And at the end of the day, if it came down to either Sutton or Richard losing their job, would wouldn’t be Richard. A board member would trump an assistant any day.

I do have to admit, the girl has guts. She removed her bra in the office to send a snap to him. Don’t know if its crazy or what.

Going to be honest I was surprised when Kat sent the photo to Adena. I would have never taken her for the type of person to send a topless photo of herself [obviously with a sticker covering the naughty bits] on Snapchat. Then again she said she’s feminist so I should expect that. But then the message behind the snap was sweet.

Sutton said it herself, the original idea behind Snapchat for the OG fans out there [agree to disagree], would have been to send nudes because it disappeared after a while.

< PS. I could be wrong. So let me know what you think >

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